About NEAF

What brings us together is fascist & Nazi attacks on the working class, & the need to defend ourselves. We work with all who oppose bigots & racists.


North East Anti Fascists consists of people from different backgrounds, with different viewpoints. What we all agree on, however, is the following:

  • We go where they go. Whenever fascists and Nazis are organising or active in public, we get there. We don’t believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the Nazis have the street!
  • We don’t rely on the police, courts, politicians or ‘community leaders’ to do our work for us. This doesn’t mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold the status quo. Often when it matters the police protect the fascists, they attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.
  • Non-sectarian defence of other anti-fascists. North East Anti Fascists have differences. We don’t agree about everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an attack on us all and we stand behind each other.


North East Anti Fascists work generally falls into four broad categories:

1. We Educate:

  • By doing serious and credible research on racist and fascist groups and issues involving racism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Sharing information with allied anti fascists and anti-racists in dozens of organizations, including worldwide.
  • Using this research to write and publish pamphlets, websites, articles, magazines, radio and television programs.
  • Distributing thousands of copies of all kinds of literature, mostly though movement building, for meetings and mobilisations
  • Sending speakers to talk to different groups; schools, youth groups, church groups, community organisations, trade unions and conferences.

2. We Organise:

  • By acting as the primary contact for a new generation of anti-racist and anti fascist activists.
  • Mobilising people to combat racism and discrimination, North East Anti Fascists wants to become a key vehicle for youth and others to get involved in and help to shape the direction of this struggle.
  • Initiating or supporting anti-fascist and anti racist demonstrations.
  • hopefully to host some of the most diverse, well-attended, constructive and practical anti-racist conferences, meetings and gatherings.
  • Recognising that racism is a multi-faceted issue entwined with a number of other problems our society faces, and then using that knowledge to connect with groups and individuals from all walks of life.
  • Strengthening our understanding and resolve and improving our communities through work on issues related to racism, such as poverty, homophobia, prisons, police abuse, workers’ struggles, sexism, & disability.
  • Defending other anti-racists and anti-fascists across the globe.

3. We Confront:

  • By refusing to ignore the violent bigots that are the racist and fascist groups.
  • Challenging racists and fascists when they attempt to recruit, organise, mobilise, propagandise, and cause harm to people.
  • Using innovative, creative, and highly-effective tactics
  • Denying racist and fascist groups the opportunity to monopolise public spaces and by denying racists and fascists the chance to turn public spaces into spaces that are hostile towards women, immigrants, black people, queer and trans folk, the disabled, and others.

4. We Celebrate:

  • Through our commitment to developing a fun, authentic anti fascist and anti-racist culture.
  • By hosting parties, concerts and other events that encourage participation of people of diverse backgrounds in having fun in a safe and liberated environment.
  • Organising gatherings for younger and older anti fascist and anti-racists to come together to know and support each other.

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